Visual Aids: Make Your Speech Visually Stimulating

Visual Aids

Engaging the Senses What’s the point of visual aids? I think that it’s about engaging more of your audience’s senses than just hearing you speak.  A visual aid adds a layer to your speech that your voice or body can’t add. It’s not just about handouts or PowerPoint images.  Your …

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Dive into Body Language: Project 5

body language

The fifth project in the Competent Communicator Manual focuses on body language. What exactly is body language?  In general, it’s the non-verbal messages from a speaker to the audience, including deliberate gestures and facial movements, and involuntary and spontaneous actions. Studies have shown that body language has great credibility with the audience …

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Project 3: What’s Your Purpose?

Speech Purpose

What’s your Speech Purpose? There are 4 main reasons to give a speech: to inform to inspire to entertain to call to action. By knowing your speech purpose, you’ll be able to limit your topic and exclude material that’s not specific to your speech.    Often, this will help you …

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Organize Your Speech… Backwards?

Organize your speech backwards

However you felt about your first speech, don’t wait to do your second. How to Organize Your Speech Start at the end.  What do you want the audience to do? By starting at the end, you’ll prevent three critical problems: You’ll keep on track as you’re writing your speech. You’ll …

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Breaking the Ice: The Ice Breaker Speech

How to write an ice breaker speech

Whose Ice Are We Breaking? The first speech you give is the Ice Breaker, a speech about yourself. Most people know fairly quickly what they want to talk about, but they don’t know how to limit their ice breaker speech to 4 to 6 minutes.  There are also those who …

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Want to Improve Your Public Speaking? Consider Toastmasters.

Is Toastmasters right for you?

What Is Toastmasters? Toastmasters is an international organization that teaches and supports public speaking and leadership skills. Why is public speaking important? At some point, whether it’s nurture or nature, people develop a fear of public speaking.  Why? Do you want to develop public speaking and leadership skills? Then what you’re looking for …

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