Go Big and Inspire Your Audience!

Go Big Toastmasters Project 10 inspiration

The Inspirational Speech, the last of the speech projects in the Competent Communicator manual, challenges you to pull together everything you’ve learned so far.  Speech organization, presentation skills and the tricks of rhetoric to gain your audience’s attention and confidence all go together into a final speech project. This speech …

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Two Keys to a Successful Persuasion Speech

Persuasion Call to Action Toastmasters101

Persuasion isn’t just about how long or how much you can speak and wear down your listeners to finally give in– it’s about moving your audience to do something. How does persuasion work? How do you persuade someone? We always expect something to come after the word “convince” or “persuade.” …

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Visual Aids: Make Your Speech Visually Stimulating

Visual Aids

Engaging the Senses What’s the point of visual aids? I think that it’s about engaging more of your audience’s senses than just hearing you speak.  A visual aid adds a layer to your speech that your voice or body can’t add. It’s not just about handouts or PowerPoint images.  Your …

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Dive into Body Language: Project 5

body language

The fifth project in the Competent Communicator Manual focuses on body language. What exactly is body language?  In general, it’s the non-verbal messages from a speaker to the audience, including deliberate gestures and facial movements, and involuntary and spontaneous actions. Studies have shown that body language has great credibility with the audience …

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Organize Your Speech… Backwards?

Organize your speech backwards

However you felt about your first speech, don’t wait to do your second. How to Organize Your Speech Start at the end.  What do you want the audience to do? By starting at the end, you’ll prevent three critical problems: You’ll keep on track as you’re writing your speech. You’ll …

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